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Sing with Us!

We are delighted that you are interested in joining the Children’s Voices of Southern Maryland! We have three wonderful choirs and are looking forward to extending our program in the near future.

Children and youth are placed in the appropriate choir through low-pressure, fun auditions. Your child will attend weekly rehearsals led by CVSM’s accomplished conductors. Each choir performs throughout the year, in the community and in formal concerts. The Choir's repertoire spans from classical music to jazz, gospel, folk, musical theater, and international music.

How to Join

  1. Please read our Choir Overview and determine which choir is best suited for your child. If you have any questions on this point, please feel free to email us at

  2. Download and complete the 2023-24 CVSM Registration Form.

  3. Email a scan or picture of the form to

  4. Please complete the registration and payment process through CSM (Apprentice, Concert).

  5. Await an email from us welcoming your family to CVSM!

"The fact that children can make beautiful music is less important than the fact that music can make beautiful children."

- Cheryl Lavender

Apprentice Choir: Ages 4-8

  • Children match and repeat pitches and rhythms, are competent English readers and function comfortably in the group rehearsal environment

  • They develop their well-supported healthy singing voice (head-voice) and work weekly on age and ability appropriate music, continually building vocal skills while having a great time!

  • They sing unison and occasionally two-part repertoire, including rounds, in many languages.

  • They learn simple choreography to match the songs, allowing them to channel their energy through the music and movement.


Concert Choir: Ages 9-14

  • Children continue to hone posture, breathing and vocal technique, developing a greater degree of musical independence through part-singing, sight-singing, and aural skills. They continue to improve their note and rhythm reading.

  • They participate in discussions regarding style, cultural context, and history of various repertoire.

  • They are local ambassadors of the Choir and represent the organization at events. Choristers are becoming vocal and social leaders through development of their musical skills and confidence. This ensemble begins advanced level repertoire singing in two, three and four part rounds.

  • They continue to improve their performance skills, incorporating simple choreography, rhythm instruments, and choir bells.

Chamber Choir: Ages 12-14, by audition only

  • At this level, choristers sing independently in three-four parts. They demonstrate advanced vocal techniques, fluency in sight-reading and harmony, and perform music successfully in a variety of languages and styles.

  • Advanced sight singing and aural skills, an understanding and analysis of the choral score, a secure sense of vocal independence and adaptability as a performer are taught and emphasized.

  • Youth take on elected roles to further develop leadership and independence both in and out of the Choir program.

  • Home study is required intermittently throughout the year.


This program is sponsored in part by a grant from the Charles County Arts Alliance and Maryland State Arts Council.

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